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  • Company Name

    Toshiba Thailand Co.,Ltd (TTC)
  • Established

    August 1, 1969
  • Location

    201 Vibhavadee Rangsit Road, Chatujak, Bangkok 10900 Tel. 0-2511-7999 Fax. 0-2513-0305
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  • Shareholder

    Thai shareholders 54% 
    Midea Group 36.8%
    Toshiba Corp. Japan 9.2%
  • Area

    4 Rai (Living area 3,762 sqm.)
  • Sale Profile
    Home Appliances
    Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Air Conditioner, Air Purifier, Vacuum Cleaner, Water Heater, Fan, Rice Cooker, Microwave, Hot Pot and Electric Pan
    Audio Visual Products
     LED TV with UHD 4K, LED TV with Android, Smart TV, Digital TV and Analog TV
    Information Technology Products
    Computer Notebook, Projector, External HardDisk, Memory Card, Mouse and Accessories

  • Sales Teritories

    Thailand, Laos
  • Affiliated Companies

    Thai Toshiba Electric Industries Co.,Ltd (TTEI)
    Thai Toshiba Lighting Co.,Ltd (TTLC)
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  • Type of Business

    Distributor of Home Appliance products, Audio & Visual products and Information Technology product
  • Employee

    387 persons
  • Chairperson

    Mrs. Kanit Muangkrachang
  • President

    Mr. Brian Zhao
  • Director & Advisor

    Mr. Nattaphong Areekul