Clean Wash SCS-T150ET

Width 480 Dept 541 Height 164 mm

  • Filled with many function.
  • for instant - 7 steps adjustable nozzle.
  • 3 steps adjustable seat and water temperature for health and hygiene - better blood circulation, warm breeze dryer.
  • deodorizing system for eliminating undesira.

Warm & Healthy

Clean & Dry

Dry with wind Blow dry with hot air. The hand must not touch the clean, convenient and hygienic.

Washed thoroughly with soft, clean air.

Clean with new nozzles. By air mixing with water washing.

Washed thoroughly with nozzle movement Move Cleaning.

Ensure the main nozzle clean with proper size nozzle.

Main nozzle for heavier engaged. And only the nozzles (For errands, light)

Washed adjustable nozzle to suit the users to adjust after 7 levels.

Catalytic Deodorizing

It eliminates unwanted odors automatically.

Removable for easy cleaning

Can remove the unit from the toilet easier to just hit the side of the machine.

  • Model Name


  • Power supply

    AC 200V, 50Hz

  • Rated power consumption


  • Operating water supply pressure

    0.07 to 0.75MPa

  • Supply water temperature

    0 to about 35°C

  • Warm Water Washer: Shower washing

    About 0.6 to 0.9 liter/minute

  • Warm Water Washer: Bidet washing

    About 0.6 to 0.9 liter/minute

  • Warm Water Washer: Water volume adjustment

    4 levels for shower & bidet washing

  • Warm Water Washer: Temperature adjustment*

    3-level adjustment (about 35 to 40°C)

  • Warm Water Washer: Nozzle position adjustment

    7-position adjustment

  • Warm Water Heater


  • Warm water tank capacity

    About 1.2 liter

  • Warm Water Washer: Safety devices

    Thermo switches to prevent overheating, temperature fusezs, water level sensors

  • Warm seat: Temperature adjustment*

    3-level adjustment (about 35 to 40°C), heater OFF

  • Warm seat: Toilet seat heater


  • Warm seat: Safety device

    Temperature fuse

  • Warm-air temperature adjustment*

    4-level adjustment (about 35 to 60°C), heater OFF

  • Drier heater


  • Dry air velocity

    About 15m/second

  • Drier Safety device

    Temperature fuse

  • Deodorizer filter

    Catalytic deodorizing

  • Deodorizer air volume

    About 0.1m3/minute

  • External dimensions (mm)

    480 width x 541 depth x 164 height

  • Mass of main unite

    About 4.8 kg.

  • Power cord length

    About 1.4 m.