Healthy Pan HGN-6D(K)A

Color : Black

  • Size (W) x (D) x (H) : 398 x 355 x 197 mm.
  • Round 2 pins plug Length=1.5m
  • Suitable for stir-frying, boiling, slow cooking and grilling.
  • Stores excess oil
  • Large dimple surface, for better heat distribution.
  • Can cook various types of cuisine without the food sticking to the pan.
  • Made titanium. Durable and easy to clean, does not get rusty.
  • No danger of the material wearing.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Easy to move.
  • 1 year product warranty and 5 year heater warranty.

Coated with titanium

The pan has a specially designed. Convexity can use grilled vegetables and boil water at the same time using various types of fried food. 

Food from the grill pan Toshiba.

Entrapped food particles and excess oil.

Increase the heat dissipation surface.

Using less fuel for aviod cholesterol

To roast or fry. It's using less oil

  • Power Supply

    220V / 50-60Hz

  • Power Consumption (Watt)


  • Temperature Setting

    สูงสุด 230°c

  • Power Cord Length (M.)

    2pin / 1.5m

  • Net Weight (kg.)


  • Dimension (W)x(D)x(H) (mm.)


  • Coating Plate

    Titanium Coating

  • Dimple Plate Dimension (W)x(D)x(H) (mm.)


  • Fried


  • Boiled, ฺBraised


  • (Grill Plate) Coating Plate

    Titanium Coating

  • Metal Plate Dimension (W)x(D)x(H) (mm.)


  • Grill


  • Temperature Fuse ( °C )


  • Warranty

    1 year product warranty and 5 year heater warranty.

  • Remark

    Specifications are subjected to change without prior notice and responsibility due to an error in the typing in anyway.