Vacuum Cleaner VC-CL1200FCPT(R)

  • 2-in-1 Cordless vacuum cleaner (stick & handy) 
  • Vertical Tornado system (8 Cylinders Cyclone)
    • Micro Tornado system: Generate centrifugal air force. Over 99% of suction power are sustained
    • Dual Tornado system: Dust are separated & compressed in the cup to prevent dust spreading during the process 
  • High Efficiency DD Fan motor by Neodymium magnet which can generate high speed rotation 110,000 round per minute. Hybrid 3D Turbo Fan makes strong wind and big suction power
  • Dust Sensor
  • Triple Fiber brushes: suitable for the various floors
    • Bedding brush: high suction power which suck out dust in narrow spaces
    • Clothes brush: for removing dusts and pollens that stick on the fabric
    • Round brush: for furniture
  • Extension hose: Cleaning for narrow or higher places
  • Power saving function: if brush is lifted the floor over 3 seconds, vacuum cleaner will stop automatically, and if brush is lifted over 60 seconds, it will automatically shut down to save battery
  • Weight only 1.9 kg. (including body, extension hose and brush)
  • Accessories: Crevice nozzle, dusting brush, clothes brush, futon brush, extension hose and bag
  • 3 Years warranty for Motor

  • ฺBody Color


  • Centrifugal Dust Seperation


  • Power Switch Place (On/Off)


  • Power Supply (Charging Standard)

    Input AC220V 50Hz 0.15A / Output DC21V 0.45A

  • Battery

    Lithium-Ion battery 18V 1.76Ah

  • Suction Power

    110,000 round per minute (High efficiency DD Fan Motor)

  • Switch On/Off

    Main Body

  • Operation Mode

    Vertical Tornado system (8 Cylinders Cyclone)

  • Operation Mode LED


  • Dust Capacity (Liter)

    0.2 Liters

  • Sound (dB)


  • Body Weight (kg.)

    1.9 kg (including body, brush and extension hose)

  • Weight (charging stand)

    1.1 kg (including power cord and AC adaptor)

  • Dimension (W)x(D)x(H) (mm.)

    224x1,060x213 mm. (Fully assembled)

  • Picking Dimension (W)x(D)x(H) (mm.)

    Picking Form 1 - 330x280x794 mm. / Picking Form 2 - 280x280x860 mm.

  • Power Cord Length (M.)

    1.8 m.

  • Power Consumption (W)

    only Charging Stand - During charging 13W / Once finished charging 0.3W / Once remove from charging stand 0.3W

  • Wand


  • Anti-Allergy Filter


  • Deodorant Filter


  • Warranty

    1 year product warranty and 3 year motor warranty

  • Remark

    Specifications are subjected to change without prior notice and responsibility due to an error in the typing in anyway.

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