Washing Machine AW-DUG1700W

Capacity 16 kg. Mega power Wash

       Superior Innovative Technology. Ultra Fine Bubble technology generates nano-sized particle activating detergent and penetrating deep into fabric fibers. Duo-Active Roller enhances clothes moment, prevents clothing tangles.

  • Superior Modern Design. Modern design in transparent glass lid, curved body and stylish shape.
  • Drum Illumination. LED equipped in drum lights up when UFB is generated. It also works when glass lid is open for convenience in dark place.
  • Superior Convenience. The One Touch Button advance technology offers creative options for more choice and convenience.
  • Durable Cassette Lint Filter. Easy to remove lint both at high and low water levels.
  • Rat Guard. A specialized guard covers the bottom of the machine, to prevent rats entering the washing machine and biting wires.
  • Hygiene Tub Clean Course. The washing tub can be easily cleaned with one touch. Stain and detergent residue are effectively removed for a clean wash.
  • Zero Stand-by Power with Toshiba’s Zero Standby Power technology, no electricity is used during standby mode.
  • Resume Function. Resume Function resumes the washing process the point of interruption in the event of a power failure.
  • Linear Water Level. The water level in the washer is automatically adjusted to suit the washing load. This saves water and time during washing.
  • Unique Shower Rinse. Saves water and time while keeping sufficient rinsing performance.
  • Water Flow Power Adjustment. Water flow power adjustment enables 3 washing intensities. The Gentle, Medium and Strong options provide more control of the washing intensity, depending on the type of fabric and washing load.
  • Auto Power off. After 5 minutes of the washing process finishing, the washer will power off automatically.

10 Year Motor Warranty

รับประกันมอเตอร์ Super Direct Drive 10 ปี 

Ultra Fine Bubble

Ultra Fine Bubble (UFB) generates invisible Nano-sized particle bubbles that are 10-20 time smaller than fiber gaps.

Duo-Active Roller

Duo-Active Roller technology enhances clothes movement with gentleness to prevent tangles and increase washing performance.

Drum Illumination

Drum Illumination. LED equipped in drum lights up when UFB is generated. It also works when glass lid is open for convenience in dark place.

S-DD Inverter

S-DD Inverter. The direct drive S-DD Inverter motor delivers superior energy efficiency, minimal noise and long-lasting performance. It provides outstanding durability.

New Safety Glass Lid Design

New Safety Glass lid Design. A modern design with glossy safety glass and handleless lid. Offered in classis steel or black color. Gentle closing lid, ensures safe operation.

Mega Power Wash

Mega Power Wash
(1) Star Cystral Drum - Cleaner yet gentler wash with "Washboard" kneading wash effect.
(2) Mega Power Pulsator - Firmer grip on clothes to move in 3-Dimensional direction during wash.
(3) Hydro Twin Power - Deeper detergent penetration into the fiber of the fabric to wash out stubborn stains and dirt.

One Touch Button

One Touch Button system displaced on a newly designed panel makes laundry quick and easy with convenient washing options.

  • Model


  • Capacity (kg.)


  • Type

    S-DD Motor

  • Motor Type


  • Control System

    S-DD Inverter

  • Voltage/ Frequency

    220V / 50Hz

  • Power Consumption (W)


  • Water Level (liter)


  • Water Pressure (MPa)

    0.03 ~ 1

  • Pulsator

    Mega Power Pulsator

  • Star Crystal Drum


  • Cassette Lint Filter


  • Digital Screen


  • 7 Step Wash


  • Water Flow Water


  • Hydro Twin Power


  • Condensed Wash


  • Regular


  • Soak


  • Heavy Wash


  • Delicate


  • Speed


  • Blanket


  • Fragrance


  • Shower Rinse


  • Over Flow


  • Super Spin Dry

    30 / 60 / 90 Minutes

  • Child Proof


  • Lid Lock


  • Zero Standby Power


  • Resume Function


  • Rat Guard


  • Dimension (Size) Wide x Depth x High (mm.)


  • Weight (kg.)


  • Warranty

    1 year product warranty and 10 year motor warranty

  • Remark

    Specifications are subjected to change without prior notice and responsibility due to an error in the typing in anyway.

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Superior Modern Design with transparent glass lid and One Touch Button advance technology offer creative options for more choice and convenience.

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  • One Touch Button system
  • Duo-Active Roller