• The following regulations and conditions are for products purchased and used within Thailand only. (Distributed by Toshiba Thailand Company Ltd.)

    The following regulations and conditions are for products purchased and used within Thailand only. (Distributed by Toshiba Thailand Company Ltd.)

    1. Toshiba Thailand Company Ltd. will honour the warranty for 1 year as long as the warranty card is filled in correctly; within the warranty period, if the purchased product has malfunctioned and has been damaged by the manufacturer, the company will honour the warranty with no service cost and refrigerant cost (only 1 year).

    2. This warranty card can only be used with products specified on the warranty card, it cannot be used with other products that are not specified on the card.

    3. Purchaser can make a claim by bringing the purchased products to Toshiba Thailand Company Ltd. or any Authorised Service Centre.

    4. The company will not honour the warranty for any products purchased with no warranty cards or proof of purchase.

    5. Warranty does not cover products or parts of products that are damaged as a result of:

     - Accident, misuse, mistake in installation or wiring, transportation, negligence of the customer, and usage in the way which does not conform with the owner’s manual or safety regulation.

    - Unauthorised repairs, installation or modifications carried out by third party that are not the Authorised Service Centre or Toshiba Thailand Company Ltd.

    - Natural disaster or any similar events.

    - Modification of product’s parts.

    - Small animals entering the product and destroying the parts or equipment.

    - External parts, colour, dent, or damage on the product’s exterior, packaging, or other damages that are not caused by production technical or part’s quality.

    6. The warranty only covers usage in the household, it does not cover commercial usage.

    7. The warranty will ends when:

     - Product is damaged in any following conditions in No. 5.

     - Expiry or no proof of purchased.

     - The card is erased, cross out or modified by any means.

     - The loss of warranty card (the Company will not issue a new warranty card.)

     - Failure to follow No. 2, 4, and 6.

    8. The warranty does not cover transportation cost and installation or assembling outside the company.

    9. The warranty does not cover: all exterior parts; parts that are plastic and glasses; or parts that required maintenance or reaches its end-of-life such as body; thermostat control; water tray; shelf; crisper; fridge’s gasket; rubber tube; water pipe; lids; cog belt; loudspeaker; antenna; fan blades; remote control; air filter; ductwork system; electronic system; and other installments that are external to the air condition; brake parts; refrigerants; and other accessories that come with the purchased product.


    10. The company will honour the warranty with the following parts:

     - Compressor for 1 door refrigerator and refrigerator with more than 3 doors: 5 years warranty.

     - Compressor for 2 doors refrigerator: 10 years (starts 1st July 2013).

    - Compressor for chest freezer: 5 years

    - Compressor for Engel (Portable fridge) : 3 years

    - Motor for fan and air purifier: 5 years.

     - Motor for washing machine that are manufactured in Thailand: 10 years.

     - Motor for twin tub washing machine that are not manufactured in Thailand: 5 years.

     - Motor for Super Direct Drive washing machine: 10 years.

     - Compressor for air conditioner: 7 years; other equipment: 3 years

    (except ceiling cassette air conditioner: 2 years).

    -  Compressor for air conditioner: 10 years; other equipment: 3 years

    (starts 1st February 2017 onwards for RAS-10,13-16,18,24 PACVG-T models)

     - Heater for rice cooker: 5 years.

     - Heater for electronic hot water pot and healthy pan: 5 years.

     - Heater for water heater: 5 years.

     - Antenna in microwave oven: 5 years.

     - Motor for vacuum cleaner: 3 years.


    With the exception case: coin washing machine: 3 months warranty for parts (do not modify the panel board in any circumstance) and 1 year warranty for motor.


    Remark: The Company reserves the right to change the warranty condition without advance notification.